Private event

This event, whose artistic production I followed, involved 70 international artists for a very high-profile private ceremony. The complexity was high: the staff could only be female, international and of the highest level and moreover the event was held in a pandemic period with the related quarantine complications of all staff and crew in Qatar.

Due to the level of privacy of many of the events I follow, unfortunately it is not possible for me to photograph or publish material that is strictly confidential.
This too is part of the professionalism offered to luxury clients: maximum confidentiality in the management of the event and guests.

The entertainment was handled by Nuart Events, for which I managed the staff and crew in all aspects of coordination: logistics, hospitality, artistic production, event coordination, reporting directly to the local Wedding Planner.

The photos are taken from the backstage shooting carried out with the costumes produced specifically for this event. The artists involved came from all over the world and from every specialty: stokers, dancers, ice skaters, costume designers, makeup artists, bodypainters, etc.