For the past 15 years I have been part of the Summertime Choir family, the first gospel choir in Italy, with performances on the most important stages in Italy and Europe in the gospel scene, including 5 participations in the worldwide broadcast Christmas in Vaticano. For several years now I have been following the complete production of the most important show.

Artistic and executive production, budgeting, administration, sponsor management, fundraising, online and offline marketing, PR, relations with local authorities, hospitality, logistics, volunteer coordination, stage management, personal assistance to artists, are just some of my duties.
On average I coordinate a staff of 300 people for these events.

The event is held annually at Christmas in a location of primary importance in the city of Padua. From the Teatro Verdi, to the Gran Teatro Geox, up to the Kioene Arena. Great successes repeated over time with a growing audience from 1800 to 4300 spectators.

The event is also an important fundraising opportunity since every year part of the proceeds is donated to a non-profit organization in the area. In particular, the long-lived and fortunate partnership with Doctors with Africa CUAMM, a non-profit organization to which I am particularly attached since I also made a trip to Sierra Leone with them.