Venice Carnival

A great honor to participate in the historic Venice Carnival, as producer and assistant director in the production of the main show in 2022 and 2023. A show with 18 performances, dozens of artistic and technical professionals involved, spectators from all over the world.

Under the direction of Enrica Crivellaro, I was in charge of the artistic production of the shows, with particular attention to the artistic rendition, the coordination of the performers with the technical departments and the staging (very complicated given that it was an outdoor aquatic show).

The Arsenale of Venice has become a real open-air theater to host an extraordinary representation of dance, music and entertainment, created for the Venice Carnival 2023, and cradled by the main element of Venice: water. Original Signs: a magical parade that transforms the water space of the Arsenale basin into an emotional surreal atmosphere.

A show that sees the energetic bodies of RANDB Collective dancers move on the water, the ethereal grace of the acrobat Viola Cappelli and the expressive dance of Isabella Moro who tells the celestial world with Sign Language. The show rediscovers the athletic gesture of the flyboard which, with Cristiano Perseu, is transformed into an artistic gesture that emerges from the water to rise towards the sky. And with water, its complementary element could not be missing: fire which in Original Signs is expertly manipulated by the Opera Fiammae Company and the French Compagnie Ilotopie, strengthened by the powerful live rhythm of Psycodrummers, unconventional percussionists.

The exciting nocturnal setting of the Arsenale is made unique by a dense scenography of dancing fountains, lights and videos created by the combination of technological art between Viorica, Antica Proietteria and Moonlight.

Six boats made to be floating stages and other scenic elements on the water for an elegant and powerful show that hit the mark!