Ducati Global

Definitely one of the most exciting of the events I’ve had the honor of entertaining.
The prestigious Villa Erba hosted the Ducati Global Dealer Conference with the world preview of the new Borgo Panigale models.

A very intense four days managed with the utmost confidentiality by the Ducati company that organized a large final gala dinner for the fourth evening, held in the central pavilion, with the presence of 1,200 people.

For this important event I took care of the artistic direction and production. The roster of artists included a live band and moments of musical entertainment during the evening, with the special conclusion of a futuristic performance by a crew of “robotic” dancers in LED suits that light up in time with the music. Furthermore, I also followed the production of the visual contents projected on the gigantic LED wall that covered the entire width of the central pavilion, to provide a literally all-round show.

Following the artistic direction of events of this type always leads me to have to immerse myself in different cultures, to have to think about the entertainment proposal that is understandable and enjoyable in every language and from every different origin, and to have to create a magical atmosphere without using words, but that can involve all those present in a moment that they will not easily forget. Just what I love about my job.