Padova Marathon

Not only entertainment, but also large public events are part of my profession, such as the Padova Marathon, which I helped organize with great pride as it was set in my city.
More than 10,000 participants in this event for which I took care of the set-up for the sponsors on behalf of Assindustria sport.

My role involved coordinating with the company, the partnership reference agency, suppliers, partners and fitters to ensure that the so-called “sponsor village” was functional for both the partner exhibition and access of athletes both in the bib recovery phase and in the post-competition phase.

The critical points of this event was inherent in the multitude and complexity of the contacts with whom I interfaced, in the quantity of public that had to pass through the set-up of which I had to take care of every detail, and in the fact that, being a public event, the complications regarding safety they were multiplied.

In addition to the pre-production and setting up of the sponsor village (only the on-site setting up lasted a week), I took part in setting up the structures along the route, from the arrival and departure portals to all the sponsor props along the 42 km of route. A challenge with a great team, a challenging job that paid off in great satisfaction, as well as in a few tears having been able to personally witness the moved arrivals of the athletes.