International singer and performer for luxury events, with training and background in Project Management and Business Management. Comfortable with planning and executing complex projects, she can appreciate and operate in all different aspects of event management.


Whether in an intimate audience or in front of national TV with millions of viewers, Aba finds her home on stage, where her powerful voice and stage presence show the audience all the energy she feels inside.

  • Who i am

Passion, quality and values come together to create something extraordinary.

Whether for an intimate audience or in front of national TV with millions of viewers, Aba finds her home on the stage, where her powerful voice and stage presence show the audience all the energy she feels inside.

Her experiences range from TV programs, private concerts, corporate productions, jazz clubs, orchestra concerts, etc. She is used to performing on all types of stages and has traveled the world with her work.

She was a finalist at Xfactor Italia, and got to the finals singing “Close to you” by Burt Bacharach with the soul star Mario Biondi at the prestigious Mediolanum Forum in Milano, in front of 15 thousands of people and millions of viewers on tv. After singing on multiple stages and performing in various venues and competitions during her first years in the music industry, she joined the Summertime Choir (the most famous gospel choir in Italy), which completed her stage training and gave her the possibility of reaching the most prestigious stages and locations in Europe.

The musical world that Aba prefers is blues, soul, jazz and gospel, but she normally performs on various international stages with a repertoire of hundreds of songs of all genres (rock, pop, musical, etc.). She has appeared in several national television programs on all the main Italian channels (Rai, Sky, Mediaset, etc.)

Soul - RnB - Blues – NeoSoul –Jazz – Gospel - Funk - Pop

Alongside her artistic career, she is also trained in project management and also works backstage as both a producer and artistic director for international private events.

With its event agency Abacadabra Productions she manages all aspects of events, from the creation of concepts and formats, to the management of budgets and suppliers, through logistics, hospitality, technical direction, artistic planning, direction, staging and post-event reporting.

She is now traveling the world with his music with shows in Florida, Indonesia, Qatar, Cyprus, Scotland, Israel, Slovakia, Malta, Turkey, Morocco, etc. Aba also has her own original musical production which can be listened to on Spotify and the main platforms.

The Core Values

Aba Chiara believes that the success of any project is deeply rooted in the values that guide the team. Aba Chiara is personally committed to building a working and collaborative environment that reflects these fundamental principles, as she believes that only through sharing solid values can extraordinary results be achieved.

Linear Communication:

We encourage clear, direct and open communication. We create spaces where every voice is heard and respected, promoting transparency and the sharing of ideas.

Emotional Intelligence:

We recognize the importance of emotions in our daily interactions. We cultivate emotional intelligence to build authentic relationships and mutual understanding.

Mental health:

We value the mental health of every member of our team, promoting a work environment that supports everyone’s mental and physical well-being.

Kindness and Honesty:

We are guided by kindness and honesty in our actions and decisions, creating a climate of trust and mutual respect.


We seek clarity in every aspect of our work, allowing everyone to fully understand their role and contribution to the success of the project.

Respect for times:

We are committed to respecting established deadlines, recognizing that punctuality is fundamental to the success of any initiative.

Respect for People:

Each individual is unique and precious. We cultivate an inclusive environment that celebrates diversity and respects everyone’s opinions and perspectives.

Respect for the Art and Artistic Expressions Involved:

We value the art and artistic expressions involved in our work, recognizing their power to inspire, communicate and enrich our lives.


We seek excellence through precision in every detail, ensuring quality and accuracy in our work.

Punctuality, Effectiveness and Efficiency:

We are committed to delivering timely results, maintaining high standards of effectiveness and efficiency in all phases of our work.


We maintain a pragmatic and concrete approach, rooted in reality, to face challenges in a balanced and decisive way.

Humanity and Empathy:

We cultivate a human and empathetic atmosphere, recognizing the importance of interpersonal relationships and mutual understanding.

Collaborate with Us:

Our philosophy is based on creating meaningful connections and authentic collaboration. We prefer to collaborate with customers and suppliers who share our values.