Each event is unique, every aspect is personalized, and every detail is taken care of in a special way. Some questions, however, are classic... Below are the most frequent ones.


Some of the most requested questions, from instrumentation, to lineup, from logistics to administration. Scroll for answers to the most frequently asked questions!

In addition to the musical part, we take care of the all-round management of the performance and also work in the production and artistic direction phase for international private events.

This is why we understand the importance of delving into aspects of all-round musical performance. Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions about style, technique, administration, customization, budget and much more.

Aba Chiara is also the founder and owner of Abacadabra Productions: she manages all aspects of the events, from the creation of concepts and formats, to the management of budgets and suppliers, through logistics, hospitality, technical direction, artistic planning, direction, staging and post-event reporting. If you need other services related to the performance, do not hesitate to contact us by email.


Frequently Asked Questions

Musical style

○ What genres are you known for?
Normally it ranges from soul to funk, with a bit of jazz, blues, pop, RnB, neo soul, motown and similar genres.

Favorite songs to play at a wedding?
Oh! Too many! At Last for the couple’s entrance, If I ain’t got you for the first dance, Never Enough for the cutting of the cake and then everything funky for the dance part!

Do you have other videos?
Of course, I have many, I chose not to put them all on the site to avoid overload! Email me if you need to see anything else!

Do you have a complete live set you can share?
It’s very difficult for me to have a complete set, first of all because many events I take part in are strictly NDA (confidential), and secondly because the fun is when you’re there! Very difficult to convey ENERGY with a video. Seeing is believing!

How do you interact with the public?
If the event planner or client allows me, I go FULL IN! Interaction, audience involvement and overcoming the divide between audience and stage are my forte. I respect different needs if requested, especially in super formal environments.

How long have you been performing?
I have been singing since the age of 4, studying since the age of 14, performing since the age of 16 and with a live band since the age of 20. Live music is what I live for!

What makes you different from other bands?
First of all, everything you hear from us is LIVE!!! As Prince said: <mic’s onnnnn>! This applies to the voice but also to the whole band! We go to the studio for our arrangements and always play live, without tracks, without playback, without tricks. This also gives us the power to not only play real music, but to adapt to the way the audience reacts and decide the set, song and structures exactly on the spot!
Secondly, the energy, the involvement of the audience, the strength of the connection with the audience.
Last but not least, I am also an event manager and artistic director. I take care of every aspect of the performance, not just the singing. By having in mind everything that needs to be done to deliver magic at your event, it’s easier for the client to forget the details and enjoy the fun! It’s a complete package, the engine is ready to go, just turn the key!

Do you have a fixed setlist?
We have a favorite setlist, the songs we arranged with the band and experimented with during our numerous live sets. We know how to best structure the setlist at the moment, whether it’s the welcome cocktail or party time. We accept requests well in advance, but trust me… we know how to create the perfect atmosphere.

Can you share the full catalog of songs you play?
I’m not even sure how many songs we know, way too many! LOL. Surely we can share lists that can represent the atmosphere we can create. These are the lists we choose from during our live sets. We can also prepare a special set in advance based on customer’s requests from our general list.

Can we request a song that the band doesn’t know?
Yes, requests are accepted in advance to prepare the arrangements with the musicians. We care about details.

Do you perform everywhere?
Everywhere in the world. From Scotland to Morocco, from Florida to Indonesia. We have been everywhere and love to travel with our music.


Can we see the setlist in advance?
Normally we prefer not to have a fixed setlist because we go with the flow. We read the audience and decide how to react. Tell us what mood you need and entrust us with the process.

Can we provide a list of songs to listen to and not to play?
Absolutely, we can work with your preferences within our music choices.

Will you accept song requests for guests at the event?
If the songs are in our arranged repertoire, absolutely yes! We want your guests to enjoy the moment! If you can share the songs with us in advance, we will be able to best accommodate requests.

Can we decide on the lineup?
Together with me, the lead singer, we can have more singers on stage. The minimum set for the party band is 5 elements (vocals, bass, drums, guitar, keyboard). We can grow from this by adding more instruments (saxophone, horn section, percussion, violins, etc.) and even voices! Oh, did you want some dancers too? We have it all!

What will you wear to our wedding?
We have an extensive catalog for all the artists involved that you can choose from. You can choose the style, color, etc. Of course we also LOVE changing outfits between sets to make it more fun!

Do you provide background music between sets?
We do! This helps us to unify the atmosphere, create magic, and in fact we also propose ourselves for the general musical planning of the event by proposing all types of formations to complete the setlist of the day! Do you need a violin quartet for your ceremony? A live set with DJ + Sax after dinner? A tenor between courses for some songs by Pavarotti and Bocelli? We have everything you could ask for.

How much volume do you produce during the performance?
We can totally adapt to the moments. We can provide background music for cocktails by tuning the arrangements and choosing the right instruments, or we can get the party started with people tapping their feet, clapping and singing along with us!


Do you take breaks or play for 2 hours straight?
It totally depends on the event. We can talk about this aspect when we come to the discussion of the flow of the event.

Will the band be booked for the day before or after?
If we travel abroad, we prefer to settle in early to recover from any jet lag and also to avoid flight delays or other last minute inconveniences. Other than that, we can do everything on the same day.

How long does installation and disassembly take?
We will discuss this with the event organizer depending on the flow of the show, but it normally takes a couple of hours for setup and soundcheck, less than an hour to clear the stage.

What time will you arrive?
We collaborate fully with the organizers to facilitate everyone’s work so that we can agree on an adequate advance to be ready and integrate with all the needs of the other suppliers

Stage and lighting

Do you have a list of the equipment you bring?
Sure. We have a technical rider and a backline rider (for long-haul flights). When we are near Venice (Italy) we bring our instruments with us.

How much space do you need for the equipment?
We only need a room in the location to store materials and to change, get ready and rest between sets.

How many tech support people will come?
It totally depends on the type of event. From 1 to the entire technical team. Yes, we can also provide the entire Audio – Video – Lights service! We also like to work with the supplier chosen by the organiser, so don’t worry, we can integrate if you already have your own supplier.

Do you need a stage?
We love a stage where the band can have adequate lights and sound, but if the stage is connected to the audience… that’s even better! We like to engage the public, so the closer we are to you, the better!


How many hours are included in the service?
We prepare tailor-made proposals for each event. Send us an email to get a quote suited to your specific needs. We can get up to 4 hours of live music divided into sets.

○ Any other costs besides those mentioned?
The quote you will receive includes all the aspects you need to know regarding costs, organization, administration, etc. You can find a more in-depth look at how we work and all the administrative matters (insurance, fire training, etc.) we do to make sure we get a good night’s sleep by clicking here.

Do you have civil liability insurance?
■ Yes, absolutely. We are completely covered. For damage to ourselves (all staff) and third parties.


What happens if someone gets sick?
You won’t notice. We’ll have a backup in no time thanks to our extensive network of professional musicians. I, as the lead singer, will be present 100%. Only a serious hospitalization will stop me. It’s happened twice in my entire career. I will do what it takes to keep my commitment.

What is your cancellation policy?
We have a policy in our contract for every aspect.

○ How many meals will be needed?
We share the personnel involved in advance. We don’t need caviar and champagne, we just need good, healthy food to have the energy to perform at our maximum potential for your event! We will share a list of allergies.

Can you share any recent reviews as references?
Sure, you can find some on the homepage of my site, or in my Instagram story highlights

What is your drinking/smoking policy?
We are Italian, we appreciate good food and good wine 😉 BUT we are very respectful of the working environment, so if the customer allows a glass of wine, we enjoy it, but other than that, health, safety and clarity are a must. We are professionals.

○ Is there anything else we need to know?
We are happy to answer any other questions, if you want to join a video call you can ask us for our Calendly to see what is the best time and day to meet us via email.