How much does a Live Band cost?


There are SO MANY variables.

There is no price list set by the law, but above all, not all agencies or bands have the same type of artistic proposal and professionalism.Β 

However, you can be sure of one thing.
All the artistic proposals signed by Aba Chiara have these distinctive characteristics that we consider great added values to ensure that your event is not only a magical moment for the public, but also a joy for those who organize it.

If you choose a musical product by Aba Chiara or the product by Abacadabra Productions you will have:
– Years of experience in entertainment from large stages (Mediolanum Forum) to the most intimate locations for super exclusive events
– Variety and completeness of artistic and musical proposals for all tastes
– A group of entirely live musicians (and no tricks πŸ˜‰)
– A band nominated among the 5 best bands in Europe
– Arrangements studied during hours of rehearsal to make the musical direction unique
– Dedicated artistic direction for a personalized musical offering
– Organization of the logistical and technical part down to the smallest details
– Complete confidentiality for high-level events and privacy where required
– Bureaucratic management of all the artists involved in the agency, for a worry-free administrative flow
– Management from an agency registered with the chamber of commerce, with all the authorizations required by law, DURC in order, RSPP, firefighting and first aid courses (no improvisation)
– A design and production team that takes care of the activity 366 days a year
– Creation of customized concepts and formats
– Complete management of budgets and suppliers in the case of all-round production (for example with AVL management, transport, lighting, contents for LED walls, etc. etc.)
– Direction and staging designed specifically for each event
– The response to a specific set of ethical, professional and human values that you can also find on our site
– Attention to detail, passion, competence, experience, energy, humanity, courtesy, teamwork

How much does all this cost? I would prefer you to think about the opposite: how much value do these things have in relation to your research?

If you are looking for a turnkey, highly professional, personalized service with a touch of magic… WE CREATE MAGIC 🀩

Check out: Abacadabra Productions

Ph. Jade Eleonoire

Aba Chiara and the Soul Explosion BandΒ