36 Today, one more step towards the forties…

36 Today, one more step towards the forties but I have no fear of “aging”.
Love My Life and I must say that I learn every day to enjoy it more and more.
Shadows and lights, but I think the purpose of life is to be happy with how the days take place and say, before going to bed, “if I die tomorrow, I can say that I have lived”. I am a lucky girl because they gave me the desire to fight for myself.

A friend the other day told me “I can’t help but be happy”. Here, I am not at that point of relaxation, but it is a mantra that will guide me from today onwards and a life lesson who teaches to enjoy every moment, as I try to do at the dawn of 36 years. The shadows come, I had several from the pandemic onwards, the important thing is not to deny them, cross them, and go out on the other side despite the fear.

I do Things Scared But I do them Anyway. And that’s what I hope to do from here to when I pull the last breath.
Happy birthday to me