Should I hire an artist without a big following?

Stumbled upon a post on a Facebook group where someone was concerned about having a musician at their wedding without a big instagram account.
My heart lost a beat.

Even if I myself am an artist with some kind of a big (?) following, I suggest you to not hire people just because of their following. Please do doublecheck the artistry, professionality etc.

Numbers are spoiling the market. I got my followers because of the television, but the market is plenty of colleagues who are GREAT musicians that have “regular” amount of followers, that I hire nonetheless because of their talent.

Please do not associate numbers with professionality. I say this without judging and without thinking of someone in particular, just as a general principle to safeguard the category I belong to ❤️

Followers are not a representation of the quality of who you’re hiring.

Hiring someone for the entertainment of your event means giving them the responsibility of creating the magic and atmosphere for your big day. I know numbers might be an easy item to look at, but creating magic is not something you would want to associate with the word “easy”.

Get deeper into the conversation, it will pay you back, be sure of that.

That’s also how we think when choosing the right fit for your event at ❣️