Participated with a creation of mine at the opening of the @Tedxcortina.

Make dreams come true at a time.
If you know me in person you have heard me say at least once “Have you heard that Ted Talk that spoke of that topic?”.

As a big fan of Tedx, participating with my creation at the opening of the @Tedxcortina was a little big dream that comes true. I developed the artistic concept by including in the performance the music of the friends @krystalkuartet starting from the theme of this year’s Tedx: the wonder.

“Ethereal Reverie” is a musical performance of great emotional impact that transcends the boundaries of traditional concerts, intertwining the majestic beauty of the Dolomite mountains with the enchanting power of music. This engaging experience tries to turn on the flames of wonder within the public, guiding it on a transformative journey through the dreams of nature and sound.

Against the background of the majestic Dolomites, the performance celebrates the interaction between human creativity and the natural world, triggering a profound connection with both. The performance developed in four distinct movements, each inspired by a different facet of wonder: awakening, discovery, euphoria, contemplation.

Thanks @edonellabresci for believing in me and my team.

I’m still with my head in the clouds 🥰