New recording days ended.

Just finished two intense days of recording in the studio, I loved every moment, surrounded by great professionals (and friends), creating a new artistic path that will come to life very soon.

I felt very lucky at the end of these creative and productive days, with so much professionalism around me, and for this reason in the end I felt some frustration to think about how much we artists are seen as crazy visionary time wasters without A purpose in life.

I don’t know how many years of study, preparation, investment have been together cumulatively in that room, but I know that certainly the esteem for those who were next to me is on my side as big as the one that could be experienced for an entrepreneur at the head of a The company of 100 employees who have done themselves, because this is we musicians: 100 hats in the head, self-made, sewn by hand, with a lot of commitment on the shoulders, in continuous investment, in continuous formation, in continuous movement.

The next time you see a musician, instead of asking “But do you still play?”, As if it were taken for granted that sooner or later this illusion ends, ask “Where can I hear you next time?” Or “On what project are you working now?”.

Ours is not an illusion. It is our dream that we live every day and for which we fight every day. 

Lucky to have such prepared and compact soldiers close to me